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We offer a wide range of services related to People, Organisation and Management, including:

• Organizational Architecture
• Human Capital Management
• Performance Management
• Management Development
• Compensation and Benefit Program
• Quality and Productivity Management
• Occupational Safety and Health
• Industrial Relations
• Organizational Diagnostics


Organizational Architecture NHA 0001 Designing Effective Organization
NHA 0002 Diagnosing Organizational Sickness
NHA 0003 Organizational Culture and Values
Human Capital Management NHB 0001 The Theory of Human Capital
NHB 0002 ROI on Human Capital
NHB 0003 Upgrading Human Capital Value
NHB 0004 Human Capital Management- Concept and Application
NHB 0005 Developing Learning Organization
Strategic Planning NHC 0001 Business Planning and Strategies
NHC 0002 Visionary Vision and Business Direction
Human Resource Planning NHD 0001 Human Resource Planning Techniques
NHD 0002 Recruitment and Selection Techniques
NHD 0003 Effective Interviewing Techniques
NHD 0004 Career Management in Organization
NHD 0005 Organizational Rightsizing
NHD 0006 Retrenchment - The Law and Practice
Training & Development

NHE 0001 Training Need Analysis and Annual Training Plan
NHE 0002 Effective Training Design
NHE 0003 Instructional Systems Design
NHE 0004 Supervising Training
NHE 0005 Training Evaluation / ROI on Training

Leadership Development NHF 0001 An Introduction to Supervisory Management
NHF 0002 Effective Leadership for Manufacturing Managers
NHF 0003 Effective Leadership for Service Managers
NHF 0004 General Managers Roles in Leading
Consulting NHG 0001 Internal Consulting Skills for Managers
NHG 0002 Executives as an Internal Consultant
NHG 0003 Effective Consultant in Action.
Counseling Employee NHH 0001 Counseling Program
NHH 0002 Managing Problematic Employees
Team Development NHJ 0001 Team Building for Result
NHJ 0002 Managing Effective Meeting
NHJ 0003 Team Problem Solving and Decision Making
NHJ 0004 Managing Probationers
Personal Effectiveness NHK 0001 Time Management
NHK 0002 Managing Personal Stress
NHK 0003 Career Management
Performance Management NHL 0001 Improving Personal Performance
NHL 0002 Improving Group Performance
NHL 0003 Performance Measurement and Control
NHL 0004 Coaching for Performance
NHL 0005 Statistical Process Control for Result
NHL 0005 The Balance Score Card
Managing Change NHM 0001 Managing Organizational Change
NHM 0002 Developing Change Agent
NHM 0003 Managers as Change Facilitator
NHM 0004 Initiating Planned Change
NHM 0005 Managing Crisis
NHM 0006 Managing Conflict
NHM 0007 Behavior Modification for Change Strategies
NHM 0008 Developing Organizational Flexibility
Industrial Relations NHN 0001 Positive Disciplinary Policies and Procedure
NHN 0002 Discipline at Work Place
NHN 0003 Sexual Harassment
NHN 0004 Negotiation Skills for Managers
NHN 0005 Industrial Relations Law
NHN 0006 An Introduction to Labor Law
NHN 0007 Court Procedure and Case Presentation
NHN 0008 Managing Attendance and Absenteeism Control
NHN 0009 Domestic Inquiry
Quality Management

NHP 0001 Total Quality Management
NHP 0002 Six Sigma - Concept Application
NHP 0003 An Introduction to ISO Quality Standard.
NHP 0004 Managing Quality for World Class Manufacturing
NHP 0005 The Role of Quality Manager in Globalization Era

Safety & Health NHS 0001 Occupational Safety and Health Awareness Program
NHS 0002 Occupational Safety Investigation Techniques
NHS 0003 Occupational Safety & Health Legislation
NHS 0004 Effective Role of Safety Officer
NHS 0005 Safety Officer Certificate Program


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