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Managing Human Capital is important in
Globalization era.

OHRM was established as a business entity in 1994. In its early days, OHRM focused on providing advisory and consulting services in Human Resource Management to many firms including multinational organisations. OHRM also organised numerous seminars on Organizational Development and management.

In addition to its regular Human Resource Management consulting services, which primarily dealt with run-of-the-mill operational issues, OHRM was also active in conducting strategic-level Organisational Diagnostics. This involved systemic identification of management issues and problems, and the proposal for effective methods of resolution. This system-based approach ensured that seemingly piecemeal problems were correctly identified within the context of an intertwined but coherent set of total organisational patterns. Thus, proposed solutions would attempt to address the grass-root causes of the problems, and not merely the symptoms thereof.


Since then, customer demand has grown steadily and has expanded beyond Human Resource Management into other general management fields. Consequently, to capitalise on emerging business opportunities, OHRM was incorporated as a private limited company on May 16th, 2000.

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In 2000, OHRM rendered free consultations to the working public on the subjects of industrial relations and labour laws. This was viewed as a community service and considered as a part of OHRM’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility. The free service was divided into two parts:
• Direct consultation via a toll-free line, and
• Short seminars.

However, due to time constraints, the free service was formally terminated after a year. Nevertheless, to date, OHRM still gives free advice on an informal basis and conduct the occasional free seminars upon worthy invitation.

In 2001, OHRM ventured into education when it was invited to assist in the development of higher learning education programmes for seminars organised by professional bodies and higher learning institutions. OHRM was given the opportunity to participate in the development of Diploma and Degree programmes in both local and foreign universities. Henceforth, OHRM began a more serious effort in promoting graduate and post-graduate programmes to numerous local and foreign universities.

By the end of 2002, OHRM had succeeded in penetrating the lucrative China market in education by establishing contractual agreements with various universities and business organisations in the country.

Unfortunately, OHRM’s further expansion into China was temporarily disrupted by the worldwide outbreak of SARS. Still, OHRM had managed to open the door of opportunity in China and turning its business plan into reality. This was proven by the fourth quarter of 2003 when Universiti Tun Abdul Raza, The Chatered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) United Kingdom and the Association of International Accountant (AIA) expressed their interests for OHRM sponsorship in China.

Today, in addition to its flourishing business in the Malaysian Business Management Consulting market, OHRM has made great progress internationally. It has penetrated the China market and efforts are ongoing to expand into other Asian countries as well as certain South American and African nations. At the same time, OHRM continues to provide consultation and support to local industries.

OHRM has its own lecturers and facilitators comprising highly qualified academicians and professional members. OHRM also has a team of management consultants in various fields that are prepared to render support to the local and international organisations that may require their services. OHRM corporate values are based on the philosophies of ‘approachability’ and ‘friendly and effective,’ which have propelled the organisation a long way ahead.



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