OHRM is accredited by Christhomas Consortium London (CCL - Commission For Continuous Learning)

Christhomas Consortium London (CCL) is a privately funded limited professional educational institution registered in Great Britain for the benefits of public to promote, facilitate and to raise the standard by providing continuing professional further & higher education and management development. CCL's main objective is to be one of the professional accrediting independent educational institution internationally. Its main belief is: 'It is not the institute that counts but the knowledge that you gain'. Therefore, any institute who are totally dedicated to the well being of the candidates.

CCL, as a professional accreditation centre for continuing professional further & higher education and training, assesses, examines and validates in conjunction with the Consortium's Executive Board of Assessors. Assessors are well-qualified & experienced professionals and specialists in their respective field of profession. The Consortium offers joint accreditation, which is renewed on a yearly basis. This is a unique confirmation and dedication to the attainment of standards and provides an opportunity for schools, colleges, universities and professional training organisations to achieve recognised awards. The Consortium also validates the awards of certificates and diplomas, which are issued by educational establishments, professional institutions, universities and public & private companies.

The Consortium has close liaison with the following UK accredited professional bodies: the Business Management Association; the Institute of Commerce; Society of Sales an Marketing; and the Association of Computer & Operations Management. The professional memberships offered by CCL are all accepted as accredited professional institutions in Great Britain.

The Accreditation must satisfy the Consortium's criteria such as: 1) staffing & administration; 2) learning & teaching with professional competence; 3) health & safety facilities; 4) the premises; 5) welfare facilities including counseling & career advice; 6) policy and quality management including the efficacy of monitoring the programmes provided; 7) the strength of financial & legal viability along with bona fide of the institution.

CCL is officially appointed by various professional bodies & independent universities as their assessors, examines and validators.

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